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One - Like I said in my post, I totally understand. I probably would not supply owned supplied parts myself. All I keep saying is there is another side to things. People have reasons for doing so.

Two - On real estate, I said the brokerage, not the agent. I won't go into the entire breakdown (But, I will if you really want). Trust me, it's about $500 net profit per home sale, on average, nationwide. The agent does net more. Yes, in CA and NYC area it is more for the agent due to higher home prices (but not more for the brokerage due to very high overhead and generally higher commissions to the agents).

Three - Is there really a reason you think I'm from India or was that just a racial slur? I'm not sure I understand the point.

Four - Of course 'Goofy Lube' won't do anything other than an oil change (and they can barely do that with the undertrained 16 year olds they employ). What's your point?

Steve -

Yes, I understand. I was responding to other more recent posts. You and I have exchanged many posts and I think you know I appreciate your position. Others conitnue to go back to making assumptions that everyone that buys his/her own parts is trying to save "10%". I think from reading all my posts you know that I trust and respect good mechanics and business people in general. I just get fired-up when people generalize, make assumptions or over simplify the issue. And, by the way, I wish your garage was near me. We would never have even had this discussion....




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