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Steve and Peter

Thanks for your comments. In all the years Iíve owned cars (28 -- years, not cars), I never gave much thought to the issue of supplying my own parts for repairs. In fact it wasnít until the web brought effective shopping (read that savings on parts) that I ever thought about it. Ironically, in my case, it wasnít until I had a MB that I ever supplied parts when I took a car in for maintenance. That notwithstanding, Iím surprised to see such passion from technicians on this issue. Iím at a loss as to why Peter sees a customer supplying parts as a ďslap in the face.Ē But Iíll accept that it is. I understand that if there is a parts related problem with customer supplied parts it has a negative impact on productivity. Further explanation is not necessary.

FWIW Iíve been to 2 of the 3 local MB dealerships (Seattle, and Bellevue). Out of curiosity I called the other local mb dealer (Tacoma), and none of the dealerships mind if a customer supplies parts. I can only speculate that in a higher volume shop, the potential problems associated with customer supplied parts are minimized.

Again, thanks for your comments! I appreciate the opportunity to hear from the ďotherĒ side. I hope the technicians and shop owners have that appreciation as well......


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