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Let me try once more to be clear..

1. I think that it is generally smarter, more efficient and cheaper in the long run to use a knowledgable MB mechanic.
2. I also beleive there are times where it is difficult to do so for logistic reasons (in my case) or monetary reasons in other people's case.
3. I do not think any one way is right or wrong. To be clear, right or wrong is different than what smarter or prefferable. Wrong is killing someone, using 'Goofy Lube" to dignose a complicated problem would simply be the non-preffered method (in my opinion). It may be stupid (in my opinion), but it's not a crime.
4. Everyone has choice, let them make theirs regardless of whether you think it the best one or not. It's their life.
5. No one has made a comment about it, but I want to be clear. When I wrote the line about 'the holy alter of the indep. MB mech' I meant no disrespect to those in the profession. I have all the respect in the world. My comment was aimed at those who have, from my perspective, made it seem like a crime to go elsewhere for their service. I understand this is a subject near and dear to some people's hearts. People are proud of their profession and that is good. It's just not the end of the world when someone does (make another choice). Sorry to beat a dead horse...

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