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I'm running short on time and have to jet soon, so I'm only answering Tracy's question at the moment.I know the restaurant thing is old, but it still holds water.You are seated by the hostess, and when the waiter comes, you ask him to bring you a baked potato and some vegetables. You hand him a nice porterhouse and point out to him that you paid $6.95 a pound for USDA CHOICE at the supermarket. You ask him why you should pay him $28.50 for a steak dinner. There shouldn't be any charge for cooking it, because tho grill is already on. I'm not trying to be sarcastic; I'm only trying to point out that there is overhead to cover to supply that steak dinner. That restaurant can't pay the employees,the rent, the insurance, the utilities, the government regulatory fees, etc, selling vegetables. When you go out to dinner you are paying $20.00 a pound for the service. At $6.95 a pound you have to cook it and set the table and wash the dishes.As to the willingness of your local dealers saying they will install your parts, I'll answer that privately if you're interested.

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