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You called Barrier, Phil smart, and Larson and all 3 didn't question you of bringing in your own parts AND were willing to install them without question? That's really suprising...

I see everyone's point, and i just can't really agree with the steak analogy. The ONLY thing I can agree with there is that if I bring my own steak in, the restaurant also now has the liability that they don't know where it came from or if it's free of defect(germs, virus, etc) so they risk me getting sick. The car side of it is that the mechanics don't know what kind of parts they are, where they came from, are they factory benz parts or oem copies of the same thing, etc etc

either way, i still agree that everyone has a choice and these situations should be taken one by one by the shop. you don't want to take customer supplied parts? then don't.... If 50% of your customers asked to bring their own parts in, then you have a valid reason to be worried that your profits are getting dug into and you would be hurting financially. Isolated incidents of a few enthusiasts here and there offering isn't that bad.

I respect the mechanics and business owners point of view, so it's all good in the end.

jkazzoun, I am trying to let it go, hopefully my last one
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