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Hey guys
Thanks for the quick replys!
First off, I added the fact that the gentleman was a retired exec. assistant of a NC senator, because I thought it was a cool occupation and very interesting at that. I am on the same page as g-benz I dont beleive income to be a big factor! I am a good example..fresh out of college and not much $ coming in, but my benz gets supreme treatment....she drinks only the finest supreme gasoline while I usually treat myself to coke! yikes!

Here is the skinny on the 420SEL.. New timing chain and rails, new lower ball joints and tires as well as alignment. The body has a few dings and dents. Air conditioning is cold. Leather seems to be in good shape!! Oil changes by his buddy who owns a service station and the rest of the repairs and maintenance by the local MB dealership. It has passed my inspection. The next step is to get a second opinion by an Industry professional.
He is selling because he does the driving now, his wife is now a retired driver! Only one car needed and older of the two is for sale. So much for the stereotypes!
G-benz ...your pastor is welcome to use my quote!!
Benz LGB ..your right jesus is the best driver ever!
Djnewk2..thanks I will check the radiator neck. I had that problem too with my 300E. I appreciate the helpful hints!

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