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Oil filter?

I think either of these brands are okay. I think MAHLE is the OEM, but they can be a bit pricey at the dealer. I picked up a handfull of new ones on Ebay for a great price.

Stay away from Fram, although damn near 90% of car owners use them, they are cheap. A simplistic method to determine quality is the weight of the filter. If you ever have the chance, hold a new Fram in one hand and a new stock filter in the other, you will be amazed by the weight difference. More Weight = more filter stuff, simple.

To comment on Larry's reply to your post, where the belief is to change the oil frequently. Again, there are many schools of thought on oil changes and you can never get two people to agree on one solution, so it's up to the individual owner to decide for themselves. Personally, I change the filter at every SECOND oil change. Why? Years ago, I was told that filters perform better as they begin to fill up with debris. I don't know If this is true, but I have never had a problem with that approach. I don't know what Larry means by frequently, 2k, 3k?? I think the whole 3k mile oil change benchmark is a crock of "S" put together by OPEC, but I digress. I put nearly 25k highway miles on my car a year and I change it every 5 to 6k. Why? Because I would be changing it damn near every two to three weeks and just wasting cash. That's my 2cents.
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