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Easy for the patient DIY

You can do it!! Read my recent thread:
This was an '89 w126, with some existing wood console issues to deal with also. Bought the car 5 months ago, had never changed my own oil before that. With the CD manual and the input of this board, got the bushings done.

Study the threads or shift rod and shift lever bushings, your disassembly will be different from mine, but the bushing installation will be similar and I'd bet there are posts on the topic from others with your chassis. Couple of things to remember:
1. Shift Rod--goes from tranny to shift lever under the car, you should be able to see it from underneath. Those bushings often go bad, mine were ok, but I changed the one on the shift lever since it was out of the car.
2. Shift lever and shifter--this is the handle in the car and its mechanism within the console. These were what was bad on mine. Not only sloppy feeling, but reverse lights didn't come on in the right spot (I didn't know at the time), shifts were off, and finally car acted like neutral start switch failed because the loose shift lever left everything in the wrong position.
3. Bushings for all locations (probably 3 pairs) and the spring for the shift yoke (mine was broken, but I hadn't ordered one) likely won't total $10-$15 from FastLane. Talk with Phil, he can e-mail you the diagram.
4. If not for the woodwork I had to do, I'd have been done in well under 3 hours.

Good luck.
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