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On our 1998 E300, the ACC works as above, with the first "auto" tap engaging the temp control, and the second the fan speed. The system also chooses the vents, depending on the type of heating/cooling required. Cooled air only comes out from the vents on the dash, while heated air is distributed more evenly with air going to the defogging vents and footwells.

We leave both sides in "set and forget" mode, Helen liking 22C and me 20C, and it works really well on it's own. In the winter, it waits for the coolant to warm before blasting the fan, keeping the interior from filling with ice-cold outside air. In the summer, it drops the temp of the evaporator and then blasts cold air. It even engages/disengages the recirc mode in the summer for rapid cooling.

Overall, we're very happy with the ACC systems on both our Mercedes. The single-setting system on the C230 works just as well as the dual-zone system on the E300, and I've often thought the dual-zone system just a tad overkill, but MB needs it, as Lexus has it...
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