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My fans seem to be running normal from checking them. Could the smoke have been caused by low oil? It was 1/4 full. It seemed like it was water vaper, it didn't have a horrible smell to it. I believe it was a white or a grey, it was definately not black. I have noticed that i my A/C is on, after i park the car, water will drip from underneath the chassis. I'm guessing from condensation? I'm pretty sure the car was not smoking until i went to park it, becase i was at a stop sign, at a complete stop and i saw no smoke at all. When i went to pull in, i was afraid i was gonna scrape my bumper, so i jerked it backwards in reverse and that's when it happened basically. Could some of that condensation hit a warm part underneath the car to cause it? What can i check to find out what was the cause of the smoke?
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