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Maxing Out a 300E?

Hello fellow enthusiasts!

As I've said before, I've done so much work to my beautiful 87 300E that it will never be financially reasonable to sell it. So, I've opted to tweak it a bit and possibly tweak it a lot more to keep it running longer and faster. Its body and interior are perfect so I'll tell you what I've done and ask if what I propose to do is reasonable and/or if any one else has performed these mod.'s before.

Current Mod.'s:
Right now modifications are minimal. I have 16" five hole rims (ET41), new Bilstein HD struts, a K&N replacement filter, and a modified air intake pipe (I cut the lip off the end and built a funnel like intake blocking off the heat from the A/C high pressure line to capture more cold fresh air from directly behind the grill). I removed the resistor that retards timing 6 deg. BTDC and timing is now either 0 deg. BTDC or 2 deg. BTDC thereby increasing compression and gaining about 11 horsepower. One of my pre-cat.'s became clogged before I had the head done so I replaced the exhaust with a stainless steel header/cat. unit from Time Valve that eliminated the pre-cat.'s and replaced them with just one, modern, higher flowing cat., thereby gaining about 5 hp (exhaust emissions are well below the legal limit).
This summer I am going to replace the front anti sway bar and bushings with a 500E sway bar and bushings, and the rear with a 400E sportline sway bar and bushings. I will also replace the resonator with a stainless y-pipe from Time Valve and a new Time Valve stainless or a High Performance muffler to gain between 2 and 5hp.

Proposed Mod.'s:
Later I'm thinking that I might as well replace the brake lines with stainless steel/teflon lined lines and the rotors and calipers with those from a 400E/E420 front and back.
After that I wonder if it would be possible (and/or slightly reasonable) to replace the entire original 103,12 valve engine with an early 104, 16 valve engine and/or an AMG engine from a C36? If these mod.'s are possible I would like to also replace the original 4 speed automatic transmission with a later 5 speed driver adaptable tranny to mate up with the more powerful C36 or later 104 engine.

I would then take the car to club races.

I believe that I could get this done for about $10K parts and labor, significantly cheaper than buying a used C36, C43, 500E or E55.

Any advice, opinions or experience would be appreciated.

Tweaking my MB is a relatively safe and highly amusing hobby.

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