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Mike Stone
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Talking Mobile Phone now fitted in my M/B

I mentioned some time ago that I was going to fit a Car Phone in my E320 Cdi Estate.

I have had this done and finally got round to taking some pictures. (See Below)

The set up comprises –

Matching Dash Board Pad from M/B
Nokia 8210 Phone (This has a voice dial feature)
Phone cradle and leads from – Autoleads in UK - (Actually made by – THB in Germany) –
Cell Phone Aerial under the Rear Bumper (Also from Autoleads)
Microphone (Fitted next to lamp panel in roof)

The above connects to my MB Audio 30 with SatNav. (Would work identically with any radio having MUTE feature)

It gives me One Key Push Dialling (Voice Command) and Answering, with incoming sound over the car speakers, having automatically muted the Radio/CD.
It charges the phone to Mfg’s spec.’s.
You can also unhook the part of the cradle holding the phone to have private conversations if you have passengers.

I can only say it works immaculately with outstanding reception. Much better than using it in stand alone mode.
It makes receiving and making phone call’s in the car, when travelling, a much safer procedure.
As you can see from the pictures the fitment matches the car (except perhaps for the phone case colour) and the mode of operation fit’s in with the M/B way of doing it.
The Display on the Instrument even changes to “PHONE” when in use.

Cost of Genuine M/B phone fitment in UK – Best part of $1500
My solution (Including fitting cost) Under $500.00

Hope this will prompt/help others in search of similar facilities.


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