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Domino Effect on S420's Cats

Well what I thought was a problem with my ac system was my cats. My original thread was:

HELP HELP sulfur smell from the ac

I finally got it back from the dealer today. They found that the air mass meter was defective which was causing the car to run rich and this fouled the cats and o2 sensor. They changed both cats and 02 sensors. Ther said my O2 sensors were slow and reading a constant .6 V. But once they came to put back the rear and center muffler, they were unable to put it back due to rust. So, they switched out those parts too. My question is: Do I have to break-in these new parts with light driving or is normal driving better. I feel so lucky because my warranty is expiring in a month. With the new exhaust system, the growl following ignition is gone and is more sedate and quiet.
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