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Strange a/c problem on '86 300E

Greetings All,

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this unusual a/c problem I have with the wife's car. I thought perhaps I was low on freon, and maybe I was but the compressor kicked in fine and ran constantly, but no cool air out of any vents at all. Did not matter what fan selector speed I chose the results were the same. No cool air output. I felt the lines coming out of the compressor and one was too hot to keep a hand on while the other wasn't cool or cold but ambient temp. I thought behaps the monovalve was over riding my call for cool, but wouldn't the output air temp be hotter that just ambient and the temp of the output line of the compressor be cool or even cold to the touch? I was using the sight glass as my gauge for reciever fullness, and maybe I shouldn't do that, should I? If the sightglass is pretty much free of bubbles, isn't the charge pretty well at it's full mark? Any input on this strange happening will be more than welcomed. I don't want to keep wasting this pricey R-12 on a problem that will require dumping the system to resolve.

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