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06 E320 CDI ESP/ABS malfunction message

Well not two days went by since we picked up the CDI, and it already has presented us with it's first problem. I'll preface this by saying it was relatively hot yesterday for western WA (around 90). Tried to start the car in the middle of the day and it wouldn't turn over. The display flashed between ESP and ABS malfunction, visit workshop. I heard that a low battery could cause problems like this, so I tried to jump it with my 300D. Same messages, same result. I tried starting it again around 9:30PM when the temperature had dropped into the low 70's and it started right up with no malfunction messages. To make sure it wasn't just a fluke, I shut it down and restarted it. Drove it around town for 15 minutes with no problems and without shutting down and came back home. Shut it down in the parking spot and just for S&G's I tried starting it there just after I had shut it down and it went right back to the ESP and ABS malfunction messages and no turn-over. Any ideas? Kind of sounds like it's related to temperature. I really haven't found much on this particular issue.

It's still got the MB factory warranty for a little while longer so after the holiday weekend it'll go to the stealer for them to figure it out.

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