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You could always drop in a 400e cis-e mill and brakes. The 92 400e's were fun, no asr and pretty decent power. Minimal adaptations and 124 to 124 swaps are always pretty straightup as long as you are in the same general production area. The cis-e cars are pretty much alike in the wiring and such and the .3's are in both the 400e and the 300e. (only difference is the number of fibers in the packs) If you were REAL frisky you could adapt the 91 500 sl 119 into the 124 using some of the parts from a 400e.

I'd stay away from attempting to adapt a LH mill into it as the entire harness is different which leaves out the 104. I wouldn't kick a fat hog in the butt for the first generation cis or lh 104's. (those are the ones with the distribitor ignition instead if the 3 coils) They just are rude compared to the LH mills. However the cis-e 119's are pretty slick and launch better than the LH 119's.

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