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In normal operating conditions:

D = Full range First-Second-Third-Fourth
3 = Only First-Second and Third
2 = Only First and Second.

If you start the car from standstill in "2" the car will start in First, hold it until FULL R.P.M. for First is reached and then change into (usually very abruptly) to Second. Then, it will hold Second to full R.P.M. permitted or until you manually raise the lever to "3".

At "3" it will hold again in Third until full permitted R.P.M. is reached. By then, you should raise the lever to "D" to let Fourth kick in, or the engine auto fuel cut-off will kick in when the red-line is reached.

Your car should always start from Second at standstill unless you push the gas pedal way down to call the kick-down switch. Then it will start at First, but you will be at full gas mode.

To avoid this, and still obtain a First start-up fron standstill, either in D or 3 lower the lever to the "2" position, wait a couple of seconds and then raise it back to 3 or D. The car should start in First gear when you push the gas.

Avoid reaching the red-line at all cases!

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