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My Apologies

if i insulted anyone, thinking that my mechanic and i had solved the window lift problems affecting my OCTOBER PRODUCTION 1995 e320 cab.

we thought we had. and for two days after my last post, everything worked as the m-b manual said it would.

then it all went south again.

until today. on a multi-leg trip in houston, here is how it went. leg 1, no auto down. leg 2, no auto down. leg 3, auto down works. leg 4, auto down works.

leg 5, a top down exercise. last time this was done on 1/6/02, engine running, car in park, windows were lowered, top was lowered, windows were raised. using the center console control, then all windows were lowered.
today, 4/6/02, windows did nothing while the top was lowered. engine also running. tranny also in park.

leg 6, auto down now does not work. leg 7, auto down does not work. leg 8, auto down does not work.

did dbag really design a system this unreliable?

is their a recall out on it?

i just cannot believe it. my other cars[6.9, 560sel, 560sec] are less electronic and predictable. is this 1995 e320 a picture into why i innately do not want to own the more electronic benzes of the present?

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