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W124 Front brakes still squealing

After all my past troubles, if you care to look at the previous posts. I bought brand new OE Mercedes front discs, textar pads with the coating on the back, etc. I put them on tonight. I cleaned the caliper, the hub, and the pad carrier.

I put a light coating of anti sieze on the hub so I can get the roto off at a future time. I put antisieze on all the edges of the backing of the pad, and on the back of the pad. I put antisieze on the pad carrier also.

The left front is fine, however the right front still squeals. I pulled the wheel off again tonight, and I put more coating on the pad and the carrier of the pads. I noticed that when I turned the rotor, spun it by hand, it seems like it wobbles. I wouldnt think that they would warp, I have had them on for twenty miles. I did the break in procedure described before.

Could it be possible that the hub bearing has some play in it? How much is tollerable? Could it be that my antisieze coating on the hub center off centered the disc? What do you guys think? I have been screwing with these brakes forever. I think that the wobble is causing the caliper to move back and forth moving the pads and then they bind any squeal any ideas.

The car is a 1987 300D turbo.


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