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Thank you for taking the time to reflect on the point.Everyone who receives a salary or hourly wage would certainly become alarmed if told the checks will be about 20% smaller this pay period. I'm sure anyone caught in this situation would try to rectify it rather than take a pay cut if they have alternatives.There is no difference if a business owner ends up 20% short after all incomes and expenses are figured. Some businesses only sell service and no product so their hourly rate is higher.The accounting business comes to mind. In this area accountant services generally run $125 to $150 per hour. Perhaps our industry should just raise the service rates by say 40% to cover parts profit loss and lost time due to parts supplied being incorrect many times. That would resolve the whole issue. What does everyone think? I personally think car owners will end up spending more under this system than would be saved on the owner supplied parts, because the old labor clock will be ticking on sevices and diagnostics where only minor parts are involved.Who knows I might just start a whole new way of doing business here.

Tracy,if I understand that you said it was MB company policy, could you please clarify? I will send you the private email with my thoughts afterwards.
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