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...for a definitive answer to your latest inquiry you may wish to request the tech to additionally access your braking system (if you're not qualified- a pro offers the best counsel)

>there may be aftermarket pads causing squeaking or they may be in need of anti-squeal MB lube on the shutter plate, or even be worn out

..if you're going to be enthusiastically driving a machine 80-100mph stopping quickly and accelerating>>>it best to be responsible and take your driving seriously.... by ensuring your machine is 100% at all times and invest in some performance driving instruction

(sorry to be such a preacher..., but I've seen too many young operators w/ inadequate driving skills & knowledge, inadequate decision making, and subpar unkept vehicles whom have lost the gamble when unwisely risking their own lives and the lives of their passengers playing with high powered machines on the street at triple digit speeds)

hope this helps

PS- I know...I know- - -it a challenge of self control to operate a 500e responsibly, safely (for driver, passengers & other operators on the road), & intelligently.
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