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First a few notes.I've reread all the posts,and it seems to me this thread could supply a great debate team. I've tried to take an objective look at all posts. Just as an aside I think I've even come up with a solution to your problems, Joe. In reviewing your posts I see there is a dealer near you that charges $90 per hour that you could live with if they weren't always booked. You also stated you go on fishing trips to Mexico, pay $100 a plate for dinner and spend hundreds of dollars for a bottle of wine. You are also in real estate and only make $500 per deal. All this tells me several things. If you are able to afford all the above mentioned luxuries, you are closing lots of those deals and can afford the dealer and car rental fares. Since you are in a business that deals with appointments, you should be able to plan ahead to have your car serviced.You could make your life easier by making plans. Should your car break down and need immediate attention, the dealer should be able to jump on an emergency for a loyal client whose developed a relation.


Tracy's business model is making more sense all the time. All MB shops increase labor rates to reflect all the costs I alluded to earlier and order the parts using customer credit card since there probably isn't an American without a credit card. The owner chooses the source or leave it to the shop to use the best source. The shop can warantee everything.The suppliers will probably like it, because they won't have to carry accounts. Those service facilities that carry stock to get work out faster, use their parts and restock with ordered parts when they come in. Only recognized suppliers would be used to keep junk off the shelves. Because of the dawn of internet shopping, this situation is only going to get worse. Just as shoppers use the internet to find bargains, MB service facilities can use the same connectivity through sites like this and IATN (international auto technicians network) to discuss the idea and lay out the ground rules. This may be the only answer. Comments?


Ps: The only opposition I can think of at the moment is the State of California, but that doesn't concern me.
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