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The Hunter 9700 is the most fabulous tire machine ever put in local shops and does amazing things, however, the likelihood of needing this machine to correct vibration with a set of Michelins is very low.

The 9700 is usually required when a bent wheel or excessive road force variation (stiff spot) tire is the problem. This situation almost never happens with a Michelin because of their molding process which more consistently places the belt in the proper position.

What you need is someone with any decent computer balancer in proper working order. Probably 98 out of 100 balancers in shops meet this requirement. The problem is that all these machines have a static mode and too many of these kids insist on using it, putting weights ONLY on the inside of the wheel.

Find someone that understands about using tape weights on the inside diameter of the wheel and wants to take the few extra minutes to do this and do it right. Also watch them and see that they are putting the specified weight on the inboard AND outboard of the wheel AND see that they again spin the wheel after applying the weights. On the last spin, the machine MUST show zero for both inside AND outside of the wheel. If the weight on the machine is indicated ONLY for the inside, they are statically balancing. Don't put up with this crap!

If all wheels are balanced DYNAMICALLY, and read zero inboard and outboard when rechecked and the vibration persists, THEN it is time to find a shop with a GSP9700. I really doubt you will have to take this step if the shop will JUST DO IT RIGHT!

If you do have to find a shop with a gsp9700, you can go to and they have a search mechanism to find a shop near your zip code.

Good luck,
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