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Originally posted by LarryBible
The Hunter 9700 is the most fabulous tire machine ever put in local shops and does amazing things, however, the likelihood of needing this machine to correct vibration with a set of Michelins is very low.

The 9700 is usually required when a bent wheel or excessive road force variation (stiff spot) tire is the problem. This situation almost never happens with a Michelin because of their molding process which more consistently places the belt in the proper position.

Well, I had Michelin Pilot Sports on my new '02 CLK55AMG cab and had vibration problems that the dealer could not rectify after 3 tries; even though they have the Hunter GSP9700. I went to an independent and they found 1 marginal tire and 1 out of spec. using the same machine. After showing the printouts to the dealer, they replaced 1 tire. I STILL had a little vibration at 75MPH. I then switched to 19" aftermarket rims with Yokohama AVS tires and got vibration again. I had them rebalanced again on a HunterGSP9700 that again found 1 tire bad. Tirerack replaced the tire. I STILL have a little vibration at 70-75MPH and will be back at the shop again tomorrow. MAJOR factor: tech must know what he's doing. I think the techs working on my car know a little but not enough!
I am starting to think it may be something other than tires and rims, though. If I can't solve it tomorrow, I will have to call Montvale and look into lemon law claim. Maybe there's something wrong in idler arms, tie rods, etc...
Very frustrating having this problem on a $85K car.
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