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For $10 you can make that simple tool I posted and get them yourself.
Your chassis is the last of Flash Code [ OBD1] , and it is a good tool to have as long as you are going to own one of these owner code accessible chassis.

The modules with fault code storage memory are right there and it is quite simple to go get them, so why guess when you have a computer monitoring the systems at all times for you.??

Here is a good Hypothetical Diagnosis example using the Code system.

You get a CE lamp.
You go to the DM push-button and you retrieve a code #7 .
You check the DM chart -Ign System fault.
But that only tells you that there has been an Ign problem detected and that info has been passed on to the DM. And b/c an ign failure can effect the Emmissions Mandates of that vehicle, a CE warning lamp is activated by the N/59 module [ DM]
Now we want to know more about this Ign. problem....

.... We take the tool and go into the HFM module where the ign system is monitored [pin 8] and guess what comes back ???..... a code 21 ..we look that up in the chart, and guess what we find ..the HFM module has detected a failure in the #3 coil. [ cyl 1 & 6]. How nice !!!
Much better info . We can now fix the underlying problem , get rid of the CE , and have the car and it's faults done with...problem solved.
You could have just cleared the CE w/DM button, but it would come back b/c you have not found , or pin-pointed , or solved the problem.

The tool also allows you to reset the Memory of the Modules ...pretty cool for the year. There are times when a part change requires the re-setting of the ECU to mean adaptation values. The tool will also do this procedure.

Here is some more good code info for that generation/vintage years of Benzs.

The Correct code chart , [ make sure of that cuz there are hundreds of codes and very system/chassis specific], the tool, and a post or two here will keep your trips to the Dealers down to a minimum..,and you may even wind up with a more accurate diagnosis. ..and save a few $$$$$$, sometimes Many ..............................................
A Dalton

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