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Thumbs up Nice Car !

To answer your AC question , the colored thumbwheel is the on/off switch , when it's rolled all the way to the white zone , the AC pump is cut off .

90W in the tranny will kill it .

My 1st. Mercedes Diesel was a 1982 240D auto , white like yours , we still have it , well over 300,000 miles and it returns 34 MPG's @ 65 MPH across the desert , fully loaded with people and trunk , AC on MAX , yours will be the same or better .

No need to take the fuel tank all apart to kill the fungus , just find a boating supply store and buy some STARTRON by Starbrite ~ it's in clear blue bottles , works a treat .

Get or make some open ended 14MM wrenches and learn to adjust your valves then check 'em every other oil change .

No need to remove the EGR , if it bothers you knowing it's there , push a BB into the primary vacuum hose on the top of the rockerbox , that'll kill it but still allow passing inspections when they turn up in a couple years .

The plastic pipe slipped out of the moulded bent hose as the hose is stiff & hard ~ those and all the various rubber elbows on the breather tubes are cheap and easy to replace & then your oil seepages will pretty much stop .

This car is dead simple and easy to repair , begin by cleaning it up and changing all the niggly little things , you're going to _LOVE_ it ~ in Pheonix there's terrific Pick-A-Part self service junkyards that'll yeild all the small things it might need .

The trunk will give you zero troubles once you learn to always turn the key CCW as far as it'll go before pushing it in ~ all W-123's are like this .

Replacing the various vacuum chambers (don't forget the filler flap one) will usually restore the central locking to perfect health so it'll hold vacuum for a week .
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