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What needs to be done yet? Well.. I just rebuilt the head and put all new parts in.. including new camshaft, valves, valve guides, rockers, and timing chain. All this because of a blown head gasket. Also has new brakes around, ball joints, water pump, climate control unit, 4 new struts and 4 new tires. The car has a miss, so I have ordered cap, rotor, plugs and wires. The car starts hard when cold and does not start at all when hot (almost seems like the battery is dead... very slow turnover when hot). Tested OVP and coldstart valve.. they test ok. The climate control blows HOT air constantly. So I guess a lot is still in need of repair. I have spent $2400 on it in the last two months, still can't drive it, and my wife has had her fill of me spending money on THIS car. So there is my dilemma. I do have authorization from her to take the car to our local independent MB shop and get a diagnostic done. If it seems like a simple inexpensive fix (is there such a thing on a Benz?) I will try to talk her into letting me splurge. Else it will be replacement time for the entire car.
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