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Originally Posted by vwnate1 View Post
I'm a firm believer & user of the citric acid cooling system flush , my 240D runs 82 C unless I exceed 70 MPH or go to Death Valley then it runs between 90 C ~ 100 C , occasionally drifts up to the very edge of the red zone on the temp. gauge but as the owner's manual says , this is entirely normal , remember : Diesel LOVE heat , they thrive on it and produce more power & better fuel economy when they're on the boil .

Those yellow tubes unbder the hood ~ the one with the stripe is for the vacuum resivoir in the trunk , get a Mighty Vac tool from Harbor Fright , it'll be your new best freind . the cylindrical thing the yellow tubes are connected to , is a one way vacuum check valve , it's filthy and so is leaky if not dead , replace it ASAP , they're cheap .

The trunk will easily open even when the central locking is in the lock mode , unless of course , some boob hooked up the vacuum chamber's hoses wrong like they did on our 240D..... lukily you use , Mercedes designed an easy to remove black square cover you can pop off to acess both the hoses and chamber in the trunk .

Under the passenger's side carpet is a black plastic cover , pop it up to find the vacuum tube's "T" connecters that split the passengers side front door from the rear door , use the Mighty-Vac tool there to ascertain where specifically the leak is....

yellow tubes are locks , red stripe is the lock circuit , green stripe is the un-lock circuit .

The shop manual is long out of print , often foundin thrift shops cheaply , or occasionaly Flea-Bay hceaply *if* it's been used , many more are held for high dollars by jerkoff " serious collectors " who never , ever read the damned thing...........

The OM616 engine is a seperate manual .

Luckily Mercedes put the whole thing on a CD-R and sells it for $29.00 at any dealer or OnLine , it uses the early version of Acrobat (3.0) , this is included on the disc so run that first or it may not open...

Pass side mirror is a snap to install , be aware that Mercedes changed the base a little bit in 1982 so be sure you get the right one before you pay for it and get all the tiny screws and inside cover plate too .

they pop up on Flea-Bay and the classified section here all the time , don't pay too much they're cheap if you but wait .

I have a vacuum tester I got a Craftsman . . . now I got something to use it on!

I just this morning ordered the cd manual from mbusa

Should I wait to do the thermostat r/r until I flush it, or does that make any difference? I have a new thermostat ordered from Phil @ Fastlane . . .
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