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Actually, I can specify my complaints about the manual in three destinct categories:

1. Completeness of information
I've got one of those lovely 1989 560 SELs with a ton of features, such as the rear window sunshade. Zilch in the manuals. This ended up not being a repair project, but a research project.

Also, the instructions on how to remove such things as door panels do not seem to apply to this model - I was truely frightened at breaking stuff and finally abandoned their directions on how to remove to door panels. The pictures of the trim around the switches resembled nothing like mine.

Have you ever tried to look up anything about your tranny on the CDs? Good luck!

2. Up-to-dateness of the information
I have to do a timing chain on mine fairly soon. Only by going to did I realize I might have to do some grinding on the cylinder heads to make the new valve cover gaskets seal properly. Ouch!!

3. Bad IT
Pet peeve of mine, espcially with years of software engineering. Yes, they chose an unsearchable pdf format to simply show scanned images, but to force you use Adobe Acrobat 3.xx to have the CD loaded correctly, without ever considering that Acrobat reader might be updated, and you would NOT want to have Windows Explorer default to this older version - that's just simply dumb, and a pain in the a**. These are supposed to be world class engineers, and this simply looks stupid and behind the times. And maybe even arrogant.

Sorry to be so harsh about this, but I just expected better.
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