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Well, $500 and a remanufactured alternator later, and the car is running again. However, I noticed two strange after effects. First, the power antenna no longer works. I have already checked the fuse which controls the antenna, and it appears fine. Second, I seem to have lost the highest fan setting on my HVAC. The low and medium speed still work normally.

I know for certain that both of these items worked before my alternator went out. My mechanic checked the alternator, and it was apparently putting out 17 to 18 volts, or way more than normal. Is it possible that I fried the antenna motor even though the fuse did not blow? The reason I believe that the fuse is still good is due to the fact that the same fuse controls a great deal of other equipment, such as the power door locks, and everything is still good there. As for the HVAC fan, I heard that it is actually controlled by a resistor, but the usual failure mode is to lose every speed other than the highest speed.

As usual, any helpful responses are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes to this great forum.
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