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Different colored Diesel Dip Sticks

Does any one know the reason for the different colored dip sticks for the 123 series diesels? So far I've noticed three different colors on my various cars. White, Orange and Red.

Another turbo owner told me that the red ones result in the oil pan containing 2 more quarts of oil. Supposedly this is to counteract the fact that Americans never idled their turbos for a couple of minutes before shutting them off. The extra oil was supposed to result in cooler over all oil temperates and thus the turbo was already cool and didn't need the idle thingie.

The red one has the top notch about 3/4" higher up than the white dip stick.

Would the extra oil be high enough in the pan so that it would strike the crank counterweights and thus damage the engine?

Can anyone add anything to this?

Thanks, Ben
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