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I hope that you are making some progress on your shifter issues. Now can we talk about mine?
My car has always been hard to shift, especially when cold. You must feather the shifter into 2nd to avoid a clunk. It often shimmies as you let the clutch out in 2nd. Also, I try to have a minimum of carpets on the floor and slam the clutch down hard. Alas, I have tried a couple of high speed runs and seriously hammered the gears into 2nd. I feel that my synchromesh are weak and that I have damaged them further.
Recently, I had the mechanic check the clutch operation and he said it was fine. A vibration problem was fixed by replacing the flex disc, (again), driveshaft mount and an engine mount. My driveshaft balancer was removed about a year ago, which I mention for completeness.
I really like my car, but I would like to know what is up. I have decided to store my car in the winters from now on, so I can rebuild the transmission then if needed.
What do you think?

PS: I met a guy locally who restores 300sl cars. He has lots of experience with manny tranny Mercedes!
1967 250SL
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