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Well it's finally back and fully functional. The dealer threw a few more parts at it under warranty. First they thought it was an ignition switch problem, so they had to order one from Germany which took a good five days...good thing they gave us a loaner rental. They tried to hook up the computer to program the new switch and couldn't get it to program correctly. The computer was spitting out random low voltage codes and communication errors, so they put in a new battery control module and some other computer module and updated the software in the rest of the car. That seemed to have fixed it, no problems since.

powoSD, looks like it normally doesn't keep you from starting it if the ABS or ESP is not seems that the no crank symptom was a side effect of the bad computer module. This car is essentially a rolling computer though ...but the added comfort, convenience and power seems to be well worth it. Floor it and woo-hoo you're at 40 already!

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