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Originally posted by -fad
Hi techbike-

out of curiousity- you can ask the tech to balance the wheel on the machine without a wheel on it and see the balance specs on the wheel(s) themselves...they may try and rotate the tire mounting position on the rim also to try to cure this condition...

Hi, The Hunter tells the tech to actually do that by putting a load on the rotating assembly. It determines the high and low points on both tire and rim, then tells you where and how much to rotate the tire on the rim to even it out. The tech admitted to initially NOT doing this feature as he said it is normally not necessary. It's probably a pain doing it on 265/30/19. So he did it to the fronts (235/35/19) the 2nd time and I noticed an improvement. The steering wheel doesn't shake per se, you just feel this "ticking" on your hands. Maybe it's acceptable on the AMG's race-tuned suspension? I only feel it on certain roads, especially smooth asphalt. On concrete pavement, I don't. However, I don't feel anything on the E430 in any road, any speed; smooth as silk. It could be unfair comparison. I'm tempted to take a poll with CLK drivers.
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