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'88 300E Starving for Fuel

This morning I got a mile or so from the house and seemed to be losing power, when I started lifting the throttle, it found a point where it wanted to make power again. When I pressed down again, it would lose power again. It then smoothed out for a little while then started it again.

It felt exactly like a carbureted car with a clogging fuel filter. I finally turned around and headed home after about 8 miles out. I made it back at about 45 MPH. If I gave it too much throttle, it stumbled and lost power.

Do you think this is simply a clogged fuel filter or could it be the fuel pump not making enough pressure?

Everything electrical seemed fine, I don't think the OVP relay is the problem.

Any thoughts?

BTW, I got back home and got out the C Class, it had a flat tire. I guess this is my day to pay the car Gods.

Have a great day,
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