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It sounds like it's time to find a gsp9700. As I said before, go to and do the search for a shop in your area with one. Then reread techbikes posts. The 9700 uses a pressure roller and also has a dial indicator capability to determine exactly where to mount the tire in relation to the wheel. If this doesn't solve the problem, you may end up in the same situation as techbike.

I was sorry to hear of techbikes experience. It is more proof that EVERYONE makes defective product at one point or another.

Also, techbike is right on the money when he says that the tech must know what he's doing. That is key with anything. There are people that can do more with bailing wire and chewing gum than another guy that has the latest and greatest $10,000 machine to work with. There has to be good mass between the ears and the right attitude.

Good luck,
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