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Thanks for the response. I feel that a fuel filter will fix it up. I try to replace it about every 30 or 40k miles, but I drive so much it can get away from me. I did not have time this morning to check the logbook to see when it was changed.

More important than when it was changed is; am I getting nasty fuel. I started buying fuel at a Phillips station on my beaten path after 9/11. The reason for my change is that Phillips uses no crude from the middle east. The station is relatively new, but they may have some junk in their tanks. Or, I often get fuel at 4:00 AM by paying at the pump. It could be that the truck comes there at 3:30AM and stirs up the junk in the tank.

I'm going to get a filter today and stick it on tonight. I feel pretty confident that will cure the problem.

Thanks again for the response,
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