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3.2l 24v 300ce Engine In 190e

I am interested in this modification and was wondering what it entails...I understand the engine and the whole engine management system would have to be changed, and I would imagine that it would be best to switch my radiator to the 2.6 190E radiator (my car is a 2.3) and that it would be recommended to swap out the tranny as well, since the 3.2L is much more powerful then the 2.3 powerplant. My main question is...I understand that the 190E 2.6's engine and the 300E's 3.0L are the same exact engine block and are interchangeable, I was just need to know if the 3.2L 24V uses the same engine mounts and can be easily adapted to the 190E's engine bay....I really, really want to make this happen...I understand people have fit the 3.6L AMG engine from a C36 into a 190 before, but I was really interested in the details involved in the 3.2L 104.992 engine transplant...Any details and informed opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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