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I would be curious to hear about the AC system in the '93 model year for the 190e. Since this is the last year that they were made, I was wondering if they were a bit less prone to problems. I have 73k now and just had the head gasket
changed on mine. Am wondering how long the AC system
will last and about what time it tends to fizzle out. To be honest,
I really don't use it that often. Being in Wisconsin, we usually
have pretty tame summers.

In terms of engine durability, I stopped by the mechanic and he said that the M103 (I have the 2.6 v6) is a strong, durable engine. My friend has an '88 190e 2.3, and he has clocked over 270,000 miles on the odometer. I only hope to be as lucky as he is. The head gasket worried me a bit so early, but now that it's done, I hope to be done with problems for awihle. Had the valve seals done too -- might as well when the head's off. So I think these cars are keepers!

Thanks for the help,
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