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Odds of Dealing Covering MAS Under Immissions Warranty?

Thank you, JCE, Black Mercedes, and Royaiii.

To replace or not replace my 1997 C230's mass airflow sensor?

(Checing my MB Warranted Emission Related Components MY 97 Federal (Gasoline), the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF/MAS) is covered for only two years or twentyfour thousand miles).

So I am on my own with this one.

Independent got stored code 170 a month ago. After two hours of testing, he could not 100% determine what set it off. (He showed me the printout displaying being .001 rich twice in 498 miles). He reset the computer and sent me on my way.

CE light came back on in the first 750 miles. I am torn between spending hours having him trouble shoot the cause of the fault vs. buying a new MAS and installing it myself (hoping it will do the trick).

What would you do?

(My 1997 C230 needs a new Mass Airflow Sensor. The car has 80,000 miles and is outside the standard warranty. What are the odds of the dealer replacing the MAS under the emmissions warranty?

1988 300 SL (5 Speed)
1994 E320 Wagon
1997 C230

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