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I object to the overnight oil changes. By ridding the engine of 99% of its oil you are unnecessarily drying the seals of the engine. The seals are made out of plastic and with repeated instances of lack of oil they begin to crack and cause big problems. This is what the mechanic told me was the reason why oil seals become defective. He had just saw my 97 E320 with its front oil seal leak. Since the car only went 6000 miles a year, the periods of garaged rest actually destroyed the seal.

If I had just bought a car that had the infamous FSS 20k mile oil changes, I might tell the mechanic or service advisor to do this overnight oil changes but on normal cars, you dont have to worry about a couple drops of dirty oil. Remember, MB is not a "sludge" engine like Toyota Siennas.

As far as sucking or draining. If you have a jack at your house then just do it the normal way but if you are like me, you build up your biceps with the topsider.
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