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Maybe i can help you with the r&i of the panels and bumpers.. starting from the front .. the claddings on your fenders ,, there are three clips on the top and 3 on the bottom.. grab the fender cladding by the bottom and pull sharply this will release the bottom clips , then use a pry tool or flat screwdriver to pop the three top clips loose .. these come off pretty easy............the front door panels are held on by the same kind of clips on the bottom ,slide clips on the top and one screw in the bottom left jamb of the door.. to remove the front door outer panels, first remove the screw from the jamb, then grab the panel from the bottom just like the fender cladding and pull sharply to release the lower clips.. once you have the bottom of the panel free ,, grab the panel from the back edge and pull towards the rear of the car.. this will slide the top clips free and the panel should come off in your hands.. the rear door panels remove the same way , pull the bottom clips loose and slide the top free.. the quarter panel dogleg moldings pop straight out on the top and bottom then lift up.. the front bumper is held on by four 13 mm nuts .. 2 on each side.. jack up the car and you can reach these bolts from underneath.. there are 2 10 mm bolts,, one on each side,, holding the sides of the bumper .. these can be reached from underneath also.. a droplight may be helpful but if you look you will find them easily.. once those bolts are removed the only thing left to do should be to unscrew the temp sensor by the licence plate and feed it through the hole and out of the bumper so it doesnt hang you up when you pull the bumper straight off.. the rear bumper.. first open the trunk and remove the side interior trim panels.. there will be 2 13 mm bolts on each side holding the bumper on remove these.. there is also one 13 mm right in the center .. there should be an access hole in the rear body trim panel to access this bolt.. get a flashlight and look.. it will be there.. once this bolt is removed there will be 2 10 mm bolts holding the rear bumper slide brackets onto the rear quarter lower sections.. these bolts should be removed ... the rear bumper should be free now .. pull the slide brackets away from the body while pulling the rear bumper straight off the car..a helper comes in handy here.. if there is a wire attatched to the rear bumper it is for the cellular phone antenna.. disconnect it from the phone module on the left rear inner wheel well and feed the wire out the grommet in the left hand quarter dropoff.. there you go ,, youve got all the qrey trim off your car except for the rocker panels.. there is a rubber strip running down the upper outside edge that is hiding all the screws.. remove this strip and remove the screws behind it.. there are some screws on the bottom of the rocker cover and i believe one or 2 in the front wheel well area of the cover... thats it.. its really not hard at all .. i did my 1994 e320 a few months ago and it made a world of difference in the looks of the car.. (much classier) if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask.. ive been working in a mb body shop for 9 years now and i ve done hundreds of these cars>> benjay
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