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M104 problems vs BMW problems

This is not to become a bmw vs mb issue! I am going to address to very specific models, not the worst from bmw and the best from mb!..... Two comparable products; 95 320E M104 and 96 BMW 328i (E36?) w/the I-6.

Here are my observations in my quest to buy my next car.

MB M104 issues.

1.Head gasket - could go at around 100K and every 100K going forward, about $1K
2. Wiring Harness -if not changed, that is another $800 blip on the Mercedes.
3. A/C evaporator - If not changed, there's 15-19 hrs of labor , another $1K-$1,500!.
4. Any misc vacume related issue (a/c vents, locks...) I probably have to pay the 15-19 hr labor to remove dash

BMW 328i issues.
1. Water pump has a plastic impeller(?), so have to change A water pump. Don't know costs on the beemer issues .
2. Radiator has a plastic filler neck on the radiator, about $300-$350 for a new radiator.

Those are the known problems I have read about on both cars I am looking at.

It seems that the MB is a more expensive car to own. NOTICE I didn't say maintain, as all the MB issues are expensive REPAIRS (faulty items). What's up with that?


Note the MB is my preference, but looking at it like this it sure doesn' make it look very attractive, I think

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