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.......if it doesn't sit right..............

if you feel about your car like most of us(if not all),then these are questions you should be asking your probably feel like you shouldn't ask him that question or many others for fear of looking stupid or offending him,but ,while it may be a stupid question(i don't know) you can lay the ground work for a better relationship with him where he'll gain confidence in you as you are able to understand more and more by the intelligent questions you will ask down the opinion is that i don't care how stupid i look in the beginning as long as they understand that i'm trying to understand how things work-not that i'm out to take their bussiness.i've even gone so far as to get right in there and help him out.ASK,ASK,ASK!and if you don't undrstand ask him a second time(but make sure you get it that time)
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