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Need pic/description of factory antenna in W123

I bought an '83 300CD that came with a cell phone antenna stuck in the old mast tube. Fortunately the owner provided the original Hirschmann antenna as a spare part.

I installed a new mast and dry-fit it to test it works, but I have no idea how the old antenna was mounted. The wires from the old antenna were loose and were not in a connector. I found a connector in one box, then possibly the back of the connector attached to a mounting bracket in another box, so now I'm trying to fit them all together and mount them behind the sunroof teleflex cable.

I think I can see which hole the lower bracket mount uses, but how are the wires routed? They don't seem long enough, unless I'm missing something.

I've searched the forum and found pics from another model, but nothing on the W123. I assume the coupe and the sedan are similar enough in the rear fenderwell.

I've got a Hirschmann 6000U with a short length of wires out the top near the mast, an angled bracket with Philips screw on the bottom along with a basically rectangular hole with notches for what could be an electrical connector, a electrical connector back attached to a metal brace with a hole and two dimples that look like they should align to some square corner and be attached by a screw, and the factory harness.

The factory harness does not easily reach to the antenna wires. It reaches, but barely, and if connected then the metal bracket with the dimples it doesn't fit anywhere. I'm not even sure the parts all go together, they were merely close enough together in the boxes of spare/old parts provided by the PO. I haven't found any other parts that would complete the install.

Any takers on providing a pic? Or just telling me I'm trying to arrange a mismatch of parts?

Joe Y.
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