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ATTN: SLC body/restoration experts

In removing SLC side louvers in order to repaint my car, there appear to be ventilation slots under the louvers' rear mouldings. Question: Are these three slots, normally hidden under the moulding, intended for ventilation? It's not clear what/how they ventilate.

Second question: Has anyone had trouble with rainwater leaking into the back seat area via these vent slots?

Finally, has anyone eliminated these slots permanently (welded them shut) in order to prevent rain leakage?

Would appreciate ANYTHING you know about these slots, their purpose, how they are SUPPOSED to reject rainwater, whether you see any harm in just plugging them up, whether anyone else has had leakage into the back seat traced to these ventilation slots, and whether anyone has plugged them to solve that problem.

Thank you for any help or advice you can offer!
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