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Walter Hartheimer
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Problem solved! And it cost me $16.00.

The post from Steve Brotherton had the following sentence, "Any activity that is not plausible will put the system in a safety mode, including limp home". A few months ago I put a little air in one of the tires that looked a bit low. At the time, I did not have a tire pressure guage nor did the gas station's air pump. So I just pumped in a bit of air and went on my way. Last weekend I went to Sears auto center and picked up one of those fancy tire pressure guages with the digital readout for $16.00. I checked the tire pressure: right front 39 lbs., left front 31 lbs. I then drove to a service center and adjusted the tire pressure according to the stickers inside the door, 29 front, 36 back. I added 3lbs to each because the tires were hot.

This past week I drove from NJ to Boston and back, about 500 miles, and the car never went into limp home mode! Not once. Problem solved!

I suppose that after driving at 70MPH for a sufficent time, the tire's diameter must have changed sufficiently to change the speed of rotation. The difference must have put the ASR into safety mode.

The engine light still comes on and stays on, but now I know its not related to my ASR problem. I don't know if I will try to fix it, but the wiring harness, if not too expensive, may be worth trying. But its good to know that I won't be needing a throttle actuator, a new control module and that my $$ will remain safely in my bank account for now.

Thank you Dan, Steve and everyone else for your help.

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