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can't get to monowiper assembly in W124,help!

Okay, did a search and found MBenzNL's instructions on his web page on how to get the windshield wiper to stop straight up on the windshield. I do not want it to sit straight up, but to sit a little further up from where it normally sits. The problem is, I believe he did it on a W202? I'm trying to do it on my 500E/W124 and i can't remove to stupid airduct to get to the motor!!! I worked on it for about an hour straight, and all i could figure out was how to get the screws out from the rubber flap that covers them at the end of the windshield at the bottom which in turn i was able to get two plastic pieces off, the pieces on the left and the right, but could not move the plastic piece that sat in the middle which was basically hiding the motor. I tried fooling with it for a half hour straight and could not budge it. I took off the rubber piece that is long and goes across the top, which had metal clips holding the platic pieces together, took them off and still couldn't budge it. Is there any easier way to get to the motor? I've about had it with it
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