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Added Twist

Gilly-thanks for the continued advise...
I started the engine with the "0" pressed in and the fan on high.Then pressed "EC" and the fan came roaring to life at high speed. Thirty seconds later it reduced itself to the speed as if it were set at "AUTO" and stayed there. Bottom line- when set at low it stayed on low but when set at "AUTO" or high it remaind at the medium speed. I turned the engine on and off 8-10 times allowing 30 seconds between start-ups and it became in- consistant as far as what speed it would resume but the fan always came on.

Now here's the kicker...
This evening I started the engine and put the headlights on. For the first time ever, there were no backlights illuminating either pushbutton panel and no fan motor either!!?? So I tapped the wood above the 5 button bar and the fan came to life and all lights came on except the one behind the thermostat wheel.
Tapped it again and those same lights went out as did the fan.
Tapped it a third time and everything came back on.

Based on this latest scenario, I suspect there may be a short in the 3 button fan switch and/or a loose connector behind the wood to the lights. What do you think?

What is the relationship between the backlighting and the push-

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