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Fussy Sunroof

Okay, I just knew I would jinx myself by responding to the "How many problems with your car" thread in the diesel section....but anyway...

I was closing the sunroof last night and the panel uncharacteristically slowed way down a few times, but proceeded to finish closing all the way. Today, the roof didn't want to close without a lot of coaxing. It stopped 4 or 5 times and would only continue if I stopped holding the switch for a few minutes and pressing it again. The switch is working, as the dome light dims when it is activated. Also, the roof panel didn't want to "pop up" in the rear without some help.

An MB dealer replaced the sunroof assembly 2 years ago and I've always made sure the rails were properly lubricated.

It isn't making any strange noises or anything, but certainly isn't working as it should.

Any ideas?
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